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Haystack surfing (Simrishamn, Sweden)
Yup, I'm back in Europe again with absolutely no plans, no timeline and most worryingly no winter clothes.
Nov 13, 2007  —  1 comment
Checkin' out the view (Phillip Island, Australia)
If you've contacted me, SMSed me, or sent an eCard through this site for the past 8 weeks, it probably didn't work. Sorry!
Nov 2, 2005  —  1 comment
Need a ride? (Baguio, Philippines)
In just one short week I've been sick, lost, drowned and dumbstruck.
Jun 21, 2005  —  1 comment
Sunday Age front page
Yes, I'm off again.
Jun 14, 2005  —  1 comment
Stop celebrating. After a month or so of hard drive woes, Ally'sTrip.com is back online.
Mar 3, 2005
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Checkin' out the view (Phillip Island, Australia)
  Checkin' out the view (Phillip Island, Australia)

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