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Sent me a message? I didn't get it!

If you've contacted me, SMSed me, or sent an eCard through this site for the past 8 weeks, it probably didn't work. Sorry!
Ally' has been playing webhost musical chairs of late. I've switched hosts about three times in as many months, and because of all these shennanigans the email functionality of my site has been down until October 20.

So, if you sent me an email through this site or sent an eCard to your friends and are wondering why you haven't had a response, it's because I never got your email.

Everything is working properly now, so please try sending your emails to me again.

In other Ally news, I've been keeping myself busy with a Masters in Law and a few other bits'n'bobs, and am toying with a few ideas for my next trip.

Happy travels,


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Great website (blah, blah) but who was thie Italian? And we don't play cards anymore, just read. Have only seen from the hippy, has cut his hair of and got a job.
Sam (apparently v. crazy)
Sam (Tomorrow Mr Tho.) on Jan 28, 2006 at 8:52 am

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