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Trekkin' Luzon

In just one short week I've been sick, lost, drowned and dumbstruck.
The front of a jeepney, the preferred method of public transport in the Philippines. And the scary thing is, the colour scheme on this one is subtler than most. Enlarge »
Well so far the Philippines has been an amazing experience. After falling ill for a few days, I set out to trek some parts of Northern Luzon, getting incredibly lost as I searched in vain for the rice terraces of Batad. So lost, in fact, you can even get a video update on my attempt: Video Update 2 » The incompetent search for the rice terraces of Batad

5.0 MB, 7:07 minutes  |  It started out as a leisurely hike to find the gorgeous rice terraces of Batad and ended as a sad, drunken race to find a town or village before I ended up stranded in the Filippino wilderness.

Am headed to Vigan on the north west coast of Luzon next, but not quite sure after that. Post should be coming soon.

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hey ally! you're in the !@## philippines, what are you doing getting lost in da jungle?! go to the beach, man, the beach!
mr jigga jigga on Jun 23, 2005 at 1:33 pm

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