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Three weeks, I promise

Yes, I'm off again.
Well after eight months on Australian soil I'm (somewhat predictably) out of the country again. This time I'm headed to the Philippines for what I've vowed will be just a three week break ... although given my last trip's blowout from two months to nine months, I'll understand any skepticism.

I've also promised myself that this trip will be trouble-free ... a plan that started to disintegrate about, oh, I don't kow, 30 minutes into the trip. You can find out why by checking out another pointless video update that I recorded to fill in a depressingly long and expensive stopover in Hong Kong.

Download Ally' Video Update » Bored witless in Hong Kong

2:39 minutes, 1.9 MB | To view the video, right click (or control click on Macs) the link above and then click "Save target as ..." to save the video file to your hard disk. Make sure you save it as a WMV file, then play it.

What's been happening in Ally Land?

The front cover of the lowest circulation daily paper in Austraila, that ran a story on my couchsurfing travels through Europe. You can read the article here. Enlarge »
Not much really. After recovering from the gruelling and relentless media coverage of my last trip—or at least the two token newspaper articles and ethnic radio interview— I spent the best part of six months pfaffing around on random graphic design jobs. Those six years of law school are being put to good use, aren't they?

But now I'm a man with a plan of sorts: I've re-enrolled to study next semester and will hopefully spend sometime in the coming year on exchange in South America. We'll see how it all pans out.

This site is still getting random visitors from around the world who, according to my logs, find this site after searching for things like "transport in myanmar", "bahrain nightlife" and somewhat worryingly "moroccan prostitutes". A big Hi to all new subsribers, you've joined an enviable group of 600 friends, family and strangers with absolutely nothing better to do.

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Go, Ally!

Yes, we'll see how long you'll actually be gone this time.....( chuckles to oneself )
April (USA) on Jun 20, 2005 at 10:24 am

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